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Skin Diseases Combo 1
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About this Product

In This Combo You Will Get Five Units:

1.     Pimpenil

2.     Hair Tonic

3.     Aloe Vera Orange Gel

4.     Aloe Vera Moisturizer

5.     Black Seed Oil

·          Pimpenil

All of us want to have a healthy and glowing skin. Because    of   our  surrounding  environmental  and  living   conditions,   we  do  not  get  time  to  care  for  our  skin. Pollution,   stress,  eating  habits,  lack  of   physical  activities  are   mainly  responsible for   ill skin. Pimpanil  provides  the  best   herbs available  in  nature  which  can  give  nutrition  to  our   skin, remove  toxins  from  our  body,  increase  immunity  of  our  body  against  all toxins  and  controls  intestinal   secretions  to  normal  level and  influences  proper  bowel    flora. Hence, purifies blood.


·          Hair Tonic

It  is  a  combination  of  oils  derived  from  Divine  herbs   recommended  by  Prophet (swallallaho  alaihi  wasallam).
 It  removes  dandruffs, Prevents  hair fall,  nourishes  weak  and damaged  hair, prevents  premature  graying,        makes   hair  growth  healthy, strong thick and  shiny, and  helps  in   inducing  sound  sleep.




·          Aloe Vera Orange Gel

 Orange gel prepared from natural orange pulps and extract.  Orange extract enriched with Vitamin `C’ gives natural    treatment on Oily Skin.

·Prevents formation of pimples

·Imparts glow to oily skin

·Removes skin blemishes and dead cells on skin


·          Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Aloe Vera Moisturizer made from aloe Vera extract in cream  base with extra moisturizing capacity for dry skin and as winter  care and sun screen lotion. It goes directly into skin without  leaving behind. It can be used on any body parts.

  3 in 1 Products.


·Prevent skin from harmful UV rays

·Foot cracks   

·          KALONJI (Diseases and its Treatment)

1.     Asthma, Cough, Allergy: For The Treatment Of These Diseases The Following Method Is Daopted. Take A Cup Of Warm Water, One Spoon Honey And Half Tea Spoon Kalonji Oil. Mix All The Drink In The Moing Before Breakfast. Similarly After Dinner In The Night For (40) Days.


2.     Diabetes (Sugar): Take One Cup Decoction (Black Tea). Mix Half Tea Spoon Kalonji Oil And Drink It The Moing And Before Going To Bed.

         Also Use Diabinil Powder ¼ Tea Spoon Three      Times Before Food

If Any Other Allopathic Treatment Is Going On, Continue That Treatment. After 20 Days Check Sugar, If It Is Normal, Allopathic  Treatment Should Be Stopped And Kalonji Treatment To Be Continued. After Forty Days, Sweet Can Be Taken To Check Your Sugar Level. If It Is Normal, Stop The Treatment.


3.     Heart Problem: In A Cup Of Goat Milk, Add Half Tea Spoon Of Kalonji Oil And Use This Mixture Twice A Day. Avoid All Fatty Foods. Continue Treatment For Ten Days. And Also Use Perfect Heart Powder After Food Three Times A Day.

4.     Polio And Paralysis(Laqwa): Take A Cup Of Warm Water, Add One Spoon Honey And Half Tea Spoon Kalonji Oil And Use This Mixture Twice Daily.


5.     Joint Pain And Arthritis Etc.: Take One Spoon Of Vinegar, Add Half Tea Spoon Of Kalonji Oil And Mix Two Spoon Honey, Use Twice A Day (In The Moing Before Breakfast And In The Night After Dinner) With Perfect Joint Powder. Three Times  A Day After Food


6.     Dyspepsia Indigestion, Gases, Stomach Irritation And Stomachchache: In This Stage, One Spoon Of Ginger Juice, Add Half Tea Spoon Of Kalonji Oil And Drink Twice A Day. This Treatment Is Also Useful For Removing Obesity. This Medicine Makes The Patient Slim.


7.     Female Related Diseases: White Discharge, Menses Discharges 2 To 3 Times In A Month, Stomach Pain Back Pain.

Treatment: Take Mint (Pudina Leaves), Add Two Glass Of Water And Boil, Then Add Half Tea Spoon Of Kalonji Oil And Take In The Moing Before Breakfast And In The Night Before Going To Bed.


8.     Cancer: (Intestine Cancer, Blood Cancer, Throat Cancer Etc.): Take One Glass Grape Juice. Add Half Tea Spoon Kalonji Oil And Use It Thrice A Day-Once In The Moing Before Breakfast, After Lunch And After Dinner. Take One Kg. Barley And Two Kg. Wheat Flour. Mix Together, Make Bread (Roti) Or Daliya Or Harira And Give It The Patient.


9.     Poisonous Virus: Take One Glass Warm Water, Add One Spoon Date (Khajur) Powder Half Tea Spoon Half  Tea Spoon Kalonji Oil Amd Two Spoon Honey, Mix Together And Use Thrice A Day. Treatment Any Continue For Forty (40) Days. Avoid Potatoes, Brinjal Grams (Chana Dal), Pulses (Masoor Dal).


10.  Headache: Rub The Kalonji Oil On The Forehead And Near Ears And Also Drink Half Tea Spoon Kalonji Oil Twice A Day.





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